Incubator Stars Challenge Winner BrainZell: “We do grow human mini-brains”

BrainZell won the Incubator Stars Challenge out of the 15 finalists. Tech icon Steve Wozniak announced them; BrainZell was recognized for their work in organoid testing technology, setting a new course in drug development and testing.

Leading Innovation in Drug Testing

Under the guidance of CEO & Co-founder Petra Szeszula, BrainZell has introduced an organoid testing platform to revolutionize the neuroscience research field. This technology offers an alternative to traditional animal testing, potentially transforming early-stage drug development.

“We do grow human mini-brains,” Szeszula said in her winning speech, calling back to what Steve Wozniak said on stage just minutes before in response to AI development, concluding that it takes nine months to grow human brains.

Jury’s Motivation

The jury described BrainZell’s approach as “mindblowing, open up possibility for accelerating the transition away from animal testing, and personalized self-medication.”

Envisioning Ethical and Efficient Drug Development

The company’s vision reflects a shift towards more humane and personalized approaches in the pharmaceutical industry.

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