Pitch40 Winner Leya is Pioneering the Future of Legal Practices

Max Junestrand, CEO & Co-Founder of Leya receives the award from Apple founder Steve Wozniak. Image credit: Adrian Pehrson.

Of the 40 finalists of the Pitch40 competition at The Tech Arena 2024, Leya stood out with its AI-powered legal assistant. After two rounds of pitches, Leya was announced the winner by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the Arena Stage, finalizing The Tech Arena 2024.

Revolutionizing Legal Work

Leya, under the leadership of CEO & Co-founder Max Junestrand, has crafted a tool designed to automate the mundane aspects of legal work.

This innovation allows lawyers to concentrate on their job’s nuanced, human-centric parts—things like ethical judgment and creative problem-solving that AI can’t replicate.

Jury’s Motivation

When The competition’s jury pointed out Leya’s global potential and the possibility to change the legal sector.

“The company has huge potential to disrupt their industry, and they’ve learned quickly how to embed themselves with a core customer.”

A Vision for the Future of Law

Leya believes that legal professionals should not be slowed down by paperwork but should focus on making significant impacts.

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