Swedish biotech startup Arevo secures €6.6M for sustainable agriculture

Arevo rooting trials tomato. Arevo product on left. Image credit: Press photo.

Arevo, a Swedish biotech company based in Umeå, has secured €6.6 million in funding to advance its innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture. This investment will fuel international expansion and further development of its precision nutrition products.

Arevo’s technology focuses on creating customized nutritional solutions that enhance plant growth while minimizing environmental harm. Their products aim to reduce reliance on conventional mineral fertilizers, which can have negative consequences like nitrogen waste and air pollution.

Central to Arevo’s approach is the use of arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid that acts as a nitrogen source for plants. This eco-friendly alternative has the potential to revolutionize agricultural practices by promoting sustainable farming methods.

Scientific Backing and Experienced Leadership

Arevo’s technology is grounded in research conducted by Professor Torgny Näsholm at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). Arevo’s solutions have been found to be effective in enhancing root development, which in turn can improve the overall health and resilience of crops, according to this research.

Recognizing the growing demand for sustainable farming solutions, Arevo strategically appointed Niklas Åström as CEO in late 2023. Åström’s extensive experience in agriculture, gained from his previous role at ÅLÖ AB, positions him perfectly to lead Arevo’s global expansion in the horticulture and agriculture sectors.

The Need for Sustainable Agriculture

The global population is expected to grow to 10 billion by 2050, placing immense pressure on our agricultural systems. To meet this growing demand, we need innovative solutions that increase food production without harming the environment.

Current agricultural practices, particularly the heavy reliance on mineral fertilizers, contribute significantly to environmental issues. These fertilizers are often produced using natural gas, and their use can lead to eutrophication (water pollution caused by excess nutrients), greenhouse gas emissions, and a decline in biodiversity.

With nearly 40% of the Earth’s land already dedicated to agriculture, it’s crucial to find ways to make these practices more sustainable. Furthermore, agriculture is responsible for an estimated 25-30% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

The European Union’s Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategies aim to tackle these challenges head-on. These initiatives target a significant reduction in both nitrogen runoff and pesticide use by 2030. Arevo’s technology offers a promising solution for European farmers seeking to comply with these stricter environmental regulations.

By harnessing the power of science and innovation, Arevo is paving the way for a future in which agriculture can be productive and environmentally friendly. Their recent funding and strategic leadership mark a significant step forward in this mission.

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