Swedish startup Dema secures €7 million investment to revolutionize predictive analytics

Dema founders. Image cred: Press photo.

Dema, a company from Stockholm working in predictive analytics, has collected €7 million. Some big names like J12 Ventures and Daphni, on top of other well-known individual investors, led the seed round. With its innovative no-code tool, Dema is helping e-commerce businesses grow more profitably by giving them significant insights and future predictions.

This fresh funding will improve Dema’s platform, attract more customers, and strengthen its marketing in the e-commerce world.

Revolutionizing e-commerce with predictive analytics

Dema provides easy-to-use predictive analytics for up-and-coming e-commerce businesses. The Dema platform offers precise and simplified performance evaluation, regardless of the complexity. Companies can effectively plan their future using Dema, using top-notch predictive analytics tailored to the e-commerce industry.

Dema delivers practical insights and accurate predictions, enabling businesses to boost efficiency, increase profits, and stay competitive in a fast-changing market.

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, many companies mistakenly focus on basic metrics to assess their growth and success. It could put them in danger of failing. It’s more essential to attract ideal customers and sell suitable inventory to ensure operational profitability. It is critical, especially now, as investors no longer support businesses consistently losing money.

Marcus Tagesson, the co-founder and CEO of Dema, speaks about their transformative mission. According to him, as experienced pioneers in the e-commerce industry, they identified the need to delve deeper to uncover the realms of real value. Thus, Dema was born, a predictive analytics tool specifically devised to offer granular insights and ignite the entire e-commerce industry.

He acknowledges that the critical metrics often remain unreachable for many, as unlocking the full potential of data demands colossal resources and a proficient workforce, which usually only industry titans possess.

Hence, Dema steps in to bridge this gap and empower effective decision-making by providing groundbreaking predictions and revelations for the prospective titans in e-commerce.

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