Swedish fintech Scayl emerges from stealth with €108M to fuel funding for european fintech lenders

Scayl founders Jatin Goyal, CTO, Medjit Yalmaz, CEO, and Patrik Blomdahl, COO. Image credit: Press picture.

A new debt financing platform, Scayl, has launched in Stockholm. Its goal is to provide flexible and transparent funding solutions for European fintech lenders. The company has already secured an impressive €108 million in funding to fuel its mission.

Founded in 2023 by Medjit Yalmaz (CEO), Patrik Blomdahl (COO), Jatin Goyal (CTO), and a seasoned team, Scayl brings together expertise in venture capital, private credit, fintech lending, and banking. The platform aims to solve the debt-raising challenges faced by fintechs, effectively positioning itself as a “fintech for fintech lenders.”

“When I worked as a debt investor, I would send out term sheets to Fintech lenders requiring warrants corresponding to upwards of 10% of businesses”, says Medjit Yalmaz, Co-Founder at Scayl.

Streamlining Fintech Funding

Scayl’s platform connects fintech lenders with a network of funding partners, streamlining processes and utilizing advanced technology for real-time data monitoring. This approach empowers fintechs to fund their loan offerings with greater speed and flexibility compared to traditional negotiations with banks or credit funds.

In the current economic climate, European fintech lenders face rising interest rates and increased risk. Scayl provides a much-needed solution by seamlessly connecting them to banks and credit institutions. Borrower data is readily accessible for loan processing, and AI risk modeling offers real-time monitoring of thousands of data points to optimize funding efficiency.

Strong Market Response

Scayl’s network has already attracted significant interest, with nearly 100 European financial institutions eager to engage with fintech lenders on the platform. This demonstrates a strong demand for Scayl’s services, which address a critical need in the European fintech market.

The platform is currently facilitating funding opportunities in collaboration with a northern European bank, exceeding €1 billion in demand from lenders. This early traction suggests that Scayl is well-positioned to become a key player in the European fintech lending ecosystem.

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