Gaia Biomaterials secures $5 Million for global expansion of eco-friendly plastics

Gaia Biomaterials. Image credit: Press photo.

Gaia Biomaterials, a Swedish innovator in sustainable materials, has successfully closed a €5 million rights issue. This financing round attracted both international and domestic investors, including Almi Invest Greentech, a venture capital fund backed by the Swedish government. Gaia Biomaterials plans to use this funding to expand into key markets like the United States and India.

Biodolomer: A Sustainable Plastic Alternative

Gaia Biomaterials, a pioneering company in the field of bioplastics, has developed a cutting-edge material called Biodolomer. This eco-friendly material is derived from limestone, a naturally occurring mineral. It is fully compostable, making it an ideal solution for products that are traditionally made from fossil-based plastics.

The innovative Biodolomer is a promising alternative that can address the environmental impact of plastic waste on our planet. With the newly acquired capital, the company plans to expand its sales network by providing extensive training and support to sales agents.

This initiative will equip sales agents with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in new markets and thereby increase the reach of this revolutionary material.

Limestone-based and Home Compostable

What sets Biodolomer apart is its unique composition. Unlike traditional plastics, this material is home-compostable and derived from limestone, one of Earth’s most abundant resources. Biodolomer offers a way to create everyday plastic products without generating microplastics or relying on a heavy carbon footprint.

Recognizing its potential impact, Almi Invest Greentech has backed Gaia Biomaterials’ expansion plans. With its existing infrastructure, Gaia Biomaterials can produce 50,000 tons of its eco-friendly material annually, poised to satisfy the growing global demand for sustainable alternatives. This expansion marks a significant step towards reducing CO2 emissions and replacing fossil-based plastics with more environmentally responsible options.

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