Almi Invest launches €140M fund for early-stage startups

Almi Invest CEO Joachim Karlsson.

Swedish investment powerhouse Almi Invest has unveiled plans to gather approximately SEK 1.6 billion (€140 million) for its third investment fund, slated for deployment between 2024 and 2029. This move solidifies Almi’s significant role in Sweden’s burgeoning startup scene.

Since its establishment, Almi Invest, headquartered in Stockholm, has backed nearly a thousand enterprises, facilitating over six hundred successful exits. Their aim to support an additional 300 startups reflects CEO Joachim Karlsson’s enthusiasm for continually fueling Sweden’s venture capital landscape.

Almi Invest oversees eight regional VC entities and a national GreenTech initiative, actively contributing to funding opportunities for emerging ventures. Notable successes in their diverse portfolio include companies like Tobii, Once Upon, MIPS, Lumen Radio, i-Tech, Limes Audio, Simplygon, and Neo4J.

A survey among Almi Invest’s portfolio firms highlights a strong satisfaction rate, with 92% expressing contentment and 77% recommending the firm. Many of their ventures have attracted attention from major players like Google, Microsoft, Qlik, and Apple, or have transitioned to public markets.

Almi Invest receives EU structural funds as part of its financing, making it a subsidiary of the Almi Group. This funding supports small businesses with up to 251 employees, filling gaps in standard lending. While welcoming foreign entrepreneurs, Almi employs higher interest rates to manage risks, ensuring accessible funding with proper documentation or citizenship.

Five year plan for investments

Almi Invest, known as the most active early-stage investor in Sweden, recently announced the successful raise of €140 million for its third fund generation. This significant funding will be instrumental in supporting early-stage startups from 2024 to 2029, aligning with Almi’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth.

CEO Joachim Karlsson emphasizes the importance of Almi’s regional presence, which plays a crucial role in catering to the growing demand for venture capital among Swedish startups. The firm’s track record of investing in nearly a thousand companies and facilitating numerous successful exits underscores its expertise and impact in the startup ecosystem.

Almi Invest enjoys a strong reputation among its portfolio companies, with 92% expressing confidence in its capabilities. Additionally, 77% of these companies would recommend Almi Invest to others, underscoring its credibility and value in the startup community.

Almi Invest’s focus on growth companies has led to investments in well-known entities. These success stories cement Almi Invest’s role in nurturing innovative startups in Sweden’s diverse industries.

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