Swedish startup Epishine secures €3.3mn EU funding for organic indoor solar panels

Epishine. Image credit: Press photo.

Epishine, a Swedish company at the forefront of organic solar cell technology, has secured €3.3 million in funding from the European Union. This significant investment will accelerate Epishine’s research and development efforts and ramp up the production of its innovative organic solar panels.

These next-generation solar panels are designed to revolutionize the way we capture energy, utilizing organic molecules instead of silicon to convert even indoor lighting into electricity.

The Potential of Organic Solar Cells

Unlike traditional silicon-based solar panels, organic solar cells utilize organic molecules to convert light into electricity. These panels are lightweight, flexible, and excel in low-light conditions. While less durable than silicon panels, they are ideally suited to power small electronic devices such as remote controls, wireless keyboards, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

Epishine’s CEO, Anders Kottenauer, said the funding will enable the company to accelerate its joint market efforts further. The company envisions a future where self-powered electronics replace disposable batteries and cumbersome cables. Epishine recently collaborated with Sentinum to create an autonomous temperature and humidity sensor powered solely by ambient light.

This funding will enable us to further accelerate our joint market efforts and continue our mission of making self-powered electronics the standard.

Anders Kottenauer, CEO of Epishine

Achievements and Ambitions

Epishine is a company known for its remarkable achievements in the field of innovation. Their accomplishments include the development of solar-powered shelf labels and advanced integrated circuits. At present, they are engaged in a groundbreaking collaboration with Nichicon, a Chinese company, to create an innovative battery that harnesses the power of sunlight to recharge itself.

Epishine’s state-of-the-art production facility can manufacture an impressive 100 million solar cell modules annually. This is made possible by their cutting-edge roll-to-roll printing process, which ensures rapid and efficient production of each module. With its unwavering focus on innovation, Epishine is undoubtedly a company to watch out for in the renewable energy industry.

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