ZeroPoint Tech lands €5M Series A funding for Memory Compression technology

The founding team of ZeroPoint Technologies. Image credit: Press photo.

ZeroPoint Technologies has concluded a Series A funding round totaling EUR 5.0 million, spearheaded by Matterwave Ventures, a prominent European Deep Tech fund. Industrifonden, a Nordic Deep Tech fund, also played a key role as the local lead investor. This round saw continued support from existing investors such as Climentum Capital and Chalmers Ventures.

The infusion of new capital is earmarked for several strategic initiatives, including amplifying the sales of current product offerings, launching additional hardware-accelerated memory products, and expanding the company’s workforce in Sweden and the United States.

Increasing demand from data centers

Klas Moreau, CEO of ZeroPoint Technologies, highlighted the company’s notable clientele, which comprises major semiconductor corporations. He emphasized the increasing demand for their products from data center operators grappling with memory bottlenecks. Moreau pointed out that leading hyperscalers like Meta and Google are specifically advocating for hardware-based compression technologies linked to CXL-connected memory.

Silviu Apostu, principal at Matterwave Ventures, expressed excitement in supporting ZeroPoint Technologies and its exceptional team on its mission. He noted the potential of their advanced memory compression and compaction technology to enhance performance and resource efficiency across various device categories significantly. Apostu commended ZeroPoint’s adept engagement with industry leaders and conveyed eagerness to bolster their growth and impact.

Tobias Elmquist, senior investment director at Industrifonden, reaffirmed their longstanding support for ZeroPoint Technologies and highlighted the company’s evolution towards commercialization. He underscored the urgency of addressing the memory bottleneck issue, particularly in light of market trends like the rapid expansion of AI.

ZeroPoint’s Memory Revolution

ZeroPoint’s innovative products substantially mitigate data redundancy, liberating memory capacity and enhancing bandwidth utilization. Their groundbreaking hardware-accelerated compression and compaction solution seamlessly integrates lossless ultra-fast data compression with real-time data compaction and transparent memory management.

In today’s landscape marked by escalating memory demands, fueled in part by the exponential growth of generative AI, ZeroPoint’s offerings meet the critical requirements of hyperscale and enterprise data center operators. By significantly increasing memory capacity by 2-4x and boosting performance per watt by up to 50%, ZeroPoint’s solutions effectively optimize server utilization, potentially reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 25%.

Distinguished by its unparalleled speed, ZeroPoint’s technology enables comprehensive data compression across the entire memory hierarchy, from Cache to Storage. Agnostic to data load, processor type, architectures, memory technologies, and processing node, ZeroPoint’s IP has already demonstrated efficacy on a TSMC 5nm node.

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