X Shore drops anchor with more affordable electric boat model

The X Shore 1. Image credit: Press picture.

Stockholm-based electric boats manufacturer X Shore has commenced the delivery of its latest product and more affordable electric boat, the X Shore 1.

The company first revealed the X Shore 1 in September 2022, priced at €99,000 or $139,000. The electric boat features a built-in swim platform and an open transom that allows passengers to get on and off the boat from the water easily.

X Shore manufactures the X Shore 1 electric boat using a combination of glass and carbon fibre to balance performance, cost and environmental considerations. The boat also incorporates cork decking instead of teak wood.

“A momentous occasion at X Shore! The first X Shore 1 boats are now being delivered into the hands of our wonderful customers and partners,” the company said.

The boat is 6.5 metre long and features a 125 kW electric motor with a single 63 kWh Kreisel battery. Despite having a smaller and lighter hull than the original X Shore Eelex 8000, it still reaches a top speed of 30 knots and has a range of 20 nm at 20 knots or 50 nm at 6 knots.

The X Shore 1 can be charged 20-80 percent in 1.5 hours using a 22.5 kW charger and in just 50 minutes with a 45 kW charger. Using a 7 kW charger will take slightly over four hours to charge the boat.

The X Shore 1 is available in two versions — an open boat with a half-height windscreen or a semi-enclosed top version with a small hard top and canopies. The X Shore 1 also features a cuddy on the enclosed foredeck, which can be used for overnight stays.

Partnership to enhance efficiency

To enhance its efficiency, X Shore has partnered with Bosch Engineering, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, to develop the electric boat drivetrain.

The collaboration aims to improve the performance of the electric drive system using Bosch’s largest motor for leisure boat applications, along with its inverter and gearbox. This partnership marks Bosch’s venture into electrification for the leisure boat segment, with X Shore as a pilot.

X Shore recently raised 300 million SEK (approximately $29 million) in funding through a round led by SEB Investment Management AB in April 2023. The company plans to use the fund to scale production and achieve profitability by next year. X Shore also aims to expand its operations in the North American market, where it saw most of its sales in 2022.

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