Luvly to debut flat-pack electric microcars for modern urban transportation

Luvly’s electrical minicar. Image credit: Press.

Luvly, the Stockholm-based electric vehicle startup, is introducing its flat-pack electric microcars based on a new concept for sustainable transportation called the Luvly O.

Originally scheduled for launch this year, the Luvly O will debut next year with a price tag of around €10,000. The microcar is designed to be flat-packed like furniture. Luvly claims that this design significantly reduces the carbon emissions associated with shipping. With such a design, the company ensures the car is affordable, sustainable, and safe to drive with its sportscar-inspired chassis.

The Luvly O weighs less than 450 kilograms, making it less than one-quarter of the weight of the average modern car. It has a range of 100 kilometres and a top speed of 90 kilometres per hour. With its swappable batteries, the microcar is suitable for most commutes and daily trips in urban areas.

Safety is a top priority for Luvly, as microcars have a reputation for being less safe than traditional passenger cars. To address this concern, the Luvly O’s frame is built with a sandwich structure inspired by Formula One cars.

The chassis is designed to absorb impact and protect the driver in a collision by incorporating lightweight aluminium and plastic foam. The company is also running computer simulations to test the vehicle’s safety.

Growing interest in mini-mobility

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the minimobility of small, efficient vehicles, especially as cities become more congested and environmentally conscious.

A recent McKinsey Center for Future Mobility survey found that more than 30 percent of respondents worldwide are willing or very likely to consider using a mini-mobility vehicle as one of their future mobility options. Respondents from Brazil and China are most likely to consider these vehicles, followed by those in Italy, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Luvly aims to address this growing need for sustainable and efficient transportation in urban areas. Microcars are easier to manoeuvre and require smaller parking spaces than traditional cars, which can help to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Luvly will license its patented flat-pack framework to other car manufacturers to promote the adoption of this technology. “We don’t envision that we will be major producers of vehicles, but we anticipate we will be minor producers of vehicles, to advocate for and develop the technology,” said Håkan Lutz, Luvly CEO and co-founder.

“Despite wanting to license this to others, we also wish to stay on top of the game and be the best at our platform.”

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